illustrasjon referanser

illustrasjon referanser

Satisfied customers 

Nothing pleases us more than a happy customer. Feedback from the users of our products inspire us to keep developing our organization and brand. Here are some of our customers experiences working with us:



“TRIARK keeps their word, we have achieved FULL CONTROL.”

Holmek Palletering AS

Helge Eiken, Managing Director/Sales at Holmek Palletering AS

Holmek Palletering AS tailors solutions for palleting, internal transport and other automation. Holmek offers complete solutions of pre-packaged goods, in addition to palleting machinery that stacks bags, cartons, barrels and more. Holmek also supplies internal and external transport solutions with transporters, rotating boards and transfer carts. Holmek offers complete lines of filling machines, packing machines as well as labeling and cling wrap appliances for use on land and at sea.

Our production is project based, which our previous system didn’t support properly. We had used the system for many years, but needed a solution that handled our processes, was simple, and had everything ready to go. 

We wanted a system that made communication internally and externally simpler. We had high expectations for TRIARK, which it delivered on, and then some. We have achieved full control. Nobody has presented something like TRIARK to us before. It is simple, module based and innovative. I was convinced as soon as I saw all the possibilities TRIARK offer, but my other coworkers were a bit more skeptical. After a presentation on TRIARK, they were sold.

We used to sit and work by ourselves, a folder here and a folder there, detached. TRIARK has given us a common platform. We can now easily enter a project and get an overview.

The implementation was smooth, everything was on schedule as per our implementation plan. TRIARK is used on a daily basis, and all our users remain positive to the system.

We should have had TRIARK years ago. TRIARK keeps their word, we have achieved FULL CONTROL.

jok bilde

jok bilde

“TRIARK was an obvious first choice.”

Marin Teknikk AS

Jan Ove Kleppe, Engineering Manager at Marin Teknikk AS

At Marin Teknikk (MT) in 2005, the project overview on in- and outbound data had ended long ago. During that fall we made a plan of action to acquire a system that could restore it.

In our line of work, having a complete overview of the versioning of project data brings results in cost effectiveness and credibility. MT put a lot of work into the creation of a data processing model, that would be independent of data systems. That way, we developed requirements by which multiple suppliers could be evaluated.

We examined different suppliers, but the TRIARK system was an obvious first choice for us. Their module systems and data processing fit most productions and data store needs. We experienced a lot of goodwill from their side to further develop areas that could be improved. We needed a well function Task module.

MT installed TRIARK in 2006, and spent four months adapting and training staff. In hindsight, we are very happy with our results, having finished more than 500 projects with complete control of data in our system. Day to day we have more than 50 active users that depend on the system, and luckily, we’ve avoided issues with, and interruptions to, our operations.

A positive side effect is the development of sales documentation. Because of the processing system and matrices, we’ve increased the quality of sales documentation considerably. The feedback from customers is that we appear as a dependable supplier. Our investment in TRIARK in 2006 has a hand in that.

nytt flagg myklebust

nytt flagg myklebust

“An effective tool for collaboration and information sharing”

Myklebust Verft AS

Inge-Jonny Hide, Managing Director at Myklebust Verft AS

Myklebust started using TRIARK in 2003, and the tool has had a central function in the steadily increasing electronic co-creation of our projects.

TRIARK facilitates a professional environment. Together with ours and others contributions to the further development of the system, we’ve gotten a tool that fits our line of work very well. We are not interested in a tailored solution but look at the perks of a standardized system that always records functionality based on user experiences where handling of projects is a central part of everyday use.

The front lines of our organization, with production managers’ and work managers’ production departments, are our internal end-clients and also the ones closest to the real customer. It’s important they maintain a full overview of the relevant documentation and foundation of production and that they can reach this information conveniently.

TRIARK has proven to be relevant from the start, and we look forward to using new functionality as new needs surface, and the solution is further developed. In the beginning it was all about collecting central documentation and guide information in ONE database and that it should be conveniently available to everybody in our project who needed it. This effort now makes a basis for us to reuse the same information on new digital platforms like smartphones and new web solutions. It also gives us opportunities to use TRIARK as a communications tool outside the gates of our wharf, towards customers and other agents in our projects.

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